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What To Look For When Buying A Government Repossessed Vehicle

Author: Tim Van Dalsum

Buying used cars can be a great way to get a nice car at a decent price if done correctly, and there are some common and costly mistakes made that you can avoid if you know what to look for in a used car. Going to a repo car auction or a government seized car auction can help you stretch your vehicle budget much further, and get a better car than you would if you used another method of buying used cars.

Inspect the Car’s Exterior and Interior…

One of the first things you should inspect is the exterior of the car. Look for any nicks and scratches in the paint, as well as any obvious signs of damage or repair to the vehicle body. Check out the tires, and see if all four are worn down evenly. Uneven wear on the tires may be a sign that the automobile auction vehicle has problems with alignment and need repairs. If you see that the paint job is poorly done this can be a sign of corners being cut during past repairs, and this can mean increased risks of safety problems or future repairs if you buy the car.

Cheap car auctions can help you get a car or other vehicle type for little money, but this does not mean you do not have to do anything except pay. A thorough inspection of any vehicle should be done before you make the purchase, both inside and out. A car that has been gently used and well maintained will show it in every aspect. The interior should be clean, with little or no damage, and all of the car accessories should be in good condition and work properly. Look at the entire floor of the vehicle for damage, rust, or holes.

Getting an Expert’s Opinion

Once you have found a vehicle at an automobile auction and it passes your inspection it is time to get an expert opinion. Be prepared to pay a mechanic to inspect the vehicle completely, and make sure to use a mechanic that you can trust completely. The inspection will usually take between one and two hours, and this is time and money well spent.

Buying used cars from repo car auctions and repo car sales does not have to be risky if you use caution and do your homework. Look the car over completely, inside and out, to determine the condition of the body and exterior components.

Give It a Test Drive!

It is also important that you listen to the vehicle and test drive it. Listen for any unusual knocking or pinging, or any other sounds that do not usually occur. This can be a sign of serious and expensive motor or mechanical problems. When you test drive the car is it comfortable? Does it drive properly and handle smoothly, with no pulling or shaking? Do the brakes feel right?

These are important considerations when you buy repossessed cars and other used vehicles. Once you have found the car you want, and it has passed your inspection, have your mechanic look it over as well to ensure the car is in excellent running condition.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/automotive-articles/what-to-look-for-when-buying-a-government-repossessed-vehicle-1798839.html

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