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Warning – Colon Cleansing Secrets – What Happens When Your Colon Doesn't Work Efficiently

A congested colon is at the root of numerous health problems. Some natural healing professionals believe it’s the principal cause of nearly every disease. Considering we spend seven hundred to eight hundred million dollars a year in this country on laxatives, it’s fair to say that many Americans have sluggish, constipated bowels. It’s time to really take a look at the problem and learn how to clean out your colon.

Dr. Bernard Jensen was a pioneering chiropractor and nutritionist who began his career in 1929 writing about proper bowel management. His books are still considered classics in the field of detoxification. Dr. Jenson states that “In the fifty years I’ve spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems.

What happens when the Colon doesn’t Work Efficiently?

– The feces becomes dehydrated and compacted in the colon, leading to constipation, which many health professionals believe contributes to disease.
– Old fecal matter and sticky mucus can become lodged or stuck to the sides of the intestinal tract, which leads to an irritation of the lining of the colon.
– Pathogenic organisms like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeasts such as Candida albicans are able to proliferate in a toxic colon. These pathogens excrete waste material in the form of toxic enzymes, acids, and gases that cause inflammation and eventually degradation of the intestinal walls.
– When the feces are moving too slowly through the bowel, the toxins have more time to penetrate the bowel wall and move into the bloodstream.
– Recirculating toxins cause weakness in tissues and organs throughout the body.
– Toxins accumulate in our cells, tissues, blood, and organs such as the colon, liver, and brain and stay there, causing numerous health problems.
– The immune system becomes overwhelmed with the toxic overload as white blood cells take up toxic debris. This leaves us vulnerable to a host of disease.

Digestive health can suffer as a result of toxic overload in the colon and can lead to seemingly unrelated problems like skin conditions, joint pain, sinus problems, varicose veins, forgetfulness, and irritability, to name just a few. A malfunctioning colon is at the root of hundreds of illnesses and disease. A thorough cleansing of the colon, whether using a natural colon cleansing process or a colon cleansing product, is crucial in preventing many of these problems.

Often people think their health concern has nothing to do with the colon because it is manifested somewhere else in the body. For example, an impacted colon can press against nerves and cause back pain, sciatic, and leg pain, since it’s in close proximity to the nerves from the spine or an impacted colon can release toxins that travel to other parts of the body causing headaches and sinus infections. Colon cleansing is one of the most important and usually most overlooked steps when it comes to reshaping the body, improving digestion, losing weight, and restoring overall health.

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