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Volkswagen Golf Series

Volkswagen Golf is a passenger car segment C by German Volkswagen in 1974, and since then has become its symbol. The current series, as the first, is sold in North America under the name of Volkswagen Rabbit, while the sports version, the Golf GTI, GTI is called simply.

Over the years it has been produced in six series have always maintained that the commercial success in the category of reference. Throughout its long history are produced over 24,000,000 pieces of 8 November 2005.


It was also for 13 consecutive years the best-selling car in Europe, an absolute record. The scepter she was removed in 1994 by the Fiat Punto. He regained the throne as queen of Europe every two years, challenging from time to time with the competitors Ford Focus, Opel Astra and Renault Mégane, all models, however, have based their success on other variants of the body (the station wagon to Focus and Astra, the people for the Mégane), not the 5-door sedan as the Golf, while the Peugeot 206, which has fought for the leadership, is a small.

Although he was very much economic car, over the years and the series that have occurred, the price has gone up exponentially, until a place in the last 2 series in the high-end segment of C, also bothered somewhat uncomfortable in the sales of her cousin Audi A3, which shares the platform and mechanics.


The success achieved sales can be attributed to the ability of Volkswagen in advance to incorporate the tastes of customers, focusing on reliability from the outset and mechanical versions of the presence of particular sports, with technical refinements such as the propellers of four valves per cylinder , the compressor volumetric versions G60 and Syncro four-wheel drive in the second series (the fourth series versions equipped with four-wheel drive are identified by initials 4Motion.

It was realized from the outset in several variants, including the cabriolet and the variation in 3 volumes, which over the years has changed several names on the European market, “Jetta”, “Wind” and “Bora”. The current version 3 volumes summed up the initial name Jetta, which has always characterized the version intended to America.

The Golf also (from Series III onwards) of a station wagon variant, called Variant as a family tradition, and a variant (derived from the Golf V series) called Golf Plus, a ‘larger than the standard version.

The latest news, relative to 2007, are the CrossGolf, offroad version with front wheel drive based on the Golf Plus, and TDI Bluemotion versions.

In autumn 2008 has started in Italy in the sale of the Golf VI series, first in the saloon. Later will come in other versions: the Golf Plus Golf Variant and marketing in Italy is planned for 2009.

The Golf is the only Volkswagen to be awarded the prize car of the year, in 1992 with the third set.

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