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The Banner Stand: How to Reach More Clients for Less Money

In the current economy, finding a way to stay in front of current customers and reach new ones is more important than ever. A great way to do this is exhibiting at trade shows. Unfortunately, while businesses are trying to reach out more, they are also trying to spend less, and exhibiting at a trade show can be expensive. The banner stand offers an attractive solution to this paradox.

Banner stands are a type of portable display consisting of a printed banner supported by some sort of frame. The most common types of banner stands include; retractable which roll up into a cartridge of some sort, and static which have to be rolled up manually. There are indoor models, outdoor models and even models that have magnetic strips on the side and can be attached, side by side, to form a nearly seamless mural. Finally, most banner stands can be single or double sided, making them ideal for island or peninsula display spaces as well as smaller inline spaces. Because there are so many options available, chances are that no matter what size space a company exhibits in, there is a banner stand that will work for them.

The banner stand is superior to a traditional portable (panel or pop-up) trade show display for three simple reasons: they cost less to purchase, they are small and lightweight, and they are easy to set up and dismantle.

A 10′, free standing, portable trade show display from a reliable manufacturer, typically sells for between $2,000.00 to $5,000.00, including graphics and accessories. They can be found for less, but most of those will be of seriously inferior quality and should be considered disposable. A set of three banner stands, which make an excellent 10′ back wall, can be purchased for less than $500.00 each, saving the buyer a minimum of $500.00. Not only do banner stands cost less, they are much cheaper to ship.

Consider the typical portable display from the previous paragraph. In general these displays ship in one or two molded cases, weighing from fifty to seventy five pounds each. Banner stands typically weigh around nine pounds each. Adding drayage charges (drayage is the service to move the exhibit property from the dock to the exhibit space at the show) which are often more than the shipping charges, it is easy to see how much cheaper banner stands are to transport. If that were not enough, banner stands are extremely easy to set-up.

A banner stand can be set up by a single person in thirty seconds or less. A 10′ booth (three individual banner stands) can be set up in less than two minutes. Compared to traditional portable displays, which can take two people up to thirty minutes or more, banner stands are much faster and easier.

One area where banner stands do not compete well with traditional portable displays is displaying products. Most banner stands do not have a shelving option and therefore cannot be utilized for displaying products in an attractive way. If a company needs to display large amounts of physical products, a banner stand may not be the best choice.

These are a few of the reason why banner stands are an attractive, cost effective alternative to more traditional banner stands. Not convincing enough? Consider a real world example from a client in the construction industry. This client typically attends a show in a 20′ X 20′ island space. When it came time to go to the most recent show, they decided to look at renting a display to save money on shipping and I&D for their large custom booth. They requested and received a bid for several rental configurations from the show service provider. The cheapest option was $20,000.00 and the most expensive was over $50,000.00. For a rental! Fortunately they contacted the vendor who handled their smaller trade show booths, explained their need, and were provided with a solution utilizing double sided banner stands and a hanging sign for less than $10,000.00. They decided to use the banner stands. The results: they received more compliments about their booth and wrote more business at the show than they had when they used their large custom display.

The next time you are considering ways to reach out to more customers via a trade show and keep expenses low, take a look at banner stands. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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