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7 Steps To Your Own Stock Market Mission Statement

Before investing in the stock market - and before getting married - you must make it a point to sit down and write out a "Mission Statement". If you don't, tax on wealth and death of health are inevitable. Here is what your stock market mission should look like (we'll tackle your Marriage Mission in another piece):

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Online Stock Market Trading: How to Discover Wealth in 2007

With the technological advancement and the advent of Internet, the scope for remarkable growth in the stock market has broadened. Online Stock Market Trading require only the execution of the orders. Hundreds of online brokers are available to handle stock transactions. Online Stock Market trading is the fastest and simplest method of buying and selling stocks.

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Up One Day – Down One Day: Stock Market Trading

Market closing prices run up and run down faster than summer lightning strikes and rain pours. One day, investors are encouraged; the next day, investors are disappointed. Does the market mislead investors one day to sucker the same investor the following day? Or, does the stock market inform beyond immediate perception?

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Free Money in Stock Market: Conversion

In stock market, option is a contract between the buyer and seller of the stock. This contract contains the agreement about the right of the buyer and the obligation of the seller. The buyer right is that he/she has the right to buy the stock at the price that had been agreed by the seller. The seller obligation is that he/she has to sell the stock to the buyer at the price that had been agreed by the buyer.

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Stock Market Quotes

The following web sites provide Stock Market Quotes and other useful financial information * Yahoo! Finance - get stock quotes, mortgage rates, up to date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, and message boards.

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New Year’s Resolutions For Stock Market Investors

It is at this time each year when we make New Year's resolutions, to help reduce the gap between where we are today and where we want to be in the future. Having been able to speak to thousands of investors over the last five years, I have compiled a list of my favorite New Year's resolutions that will help stock market investors, no matter which way the market goes this year.

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The American Stock Market

A stock is a legally binding symbol of ownership in a company. When you purchase a stock, you actually become the owner of a part of a company - a share holder. Since one company can release a lot of stocks, the ownership is typically spread over hundreds or thousands or owners. Selling shares in a company is a way for that company to bring cash to the company. If you start up a new small company, you typically own 100 % of the shares yourself. When you need to invest a lot of money in necessary equipment, you can allow people to purchase parts of your company. This will provide the company with enough cash to buy equipment.

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