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Own Up and It won’t Explode

It seems that, almost every day, some politician, talk-show host, high-visibility CEO, athlete, or celebrity says something or is caught doing something that is embarrassing, damages their reputation, or can even end a career. I could easily name the names here of people who have found themselves in these difficult circumstances in the past few months but I'd quickly run out of my allotted space for this column and it wouldn't serve any positive purpose. In most cases the problem gets worse, usually much worse, when the person attempts to deny the allegations. When that happens, and the cover-up is discovered, it really hits the proverbial fan. Self-preservation is human nature and, for many people, a natural “damage control” defense is to deny, offer a smoke-screen, point a finger elsewhere, or otherwise try to squirm out of a difficult situation, but inevitably that evading activity seems to explode the issue into much larger and more dangerous proportions.

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