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Training is Not Enough

Is this because organisations know exactly what return they get from training? The answer to that question is a clear no. The American Society for Training and Development reported that only 3% of organisations measure what happens to their bottom line as a result of training.

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What Would You Do if You were Not Afraid?

When interviewing prospective recruits or to get people focused on what is important to them, I often ask people a simple question to provoke them to think and to talk, although not always in that order. One question I often use is for people to think of themselves on their deathbed and consider “What am I proud of in my life”.

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Managing Change: Unintended Consequences

Leading a change programme is a risky business, for the leader and the lead. The law of unintended consequences applies in full as change involves people. People see the the starting and finishing points and the intention of change from their point of view and act accordingly.

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Stuck in a Rut?

I was in Tahoe last week as four BIG storms brought over ten feet of snow. It was slick as a gut, drifted so deep in places that even Thelma (my F-250 turbo diesel truck) had a hard time getting through. After they plowed the roads, it was still a mess with melting, freezing and lotsa black ice.

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