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Hot Wire Your Brain with New Research

As recent as ten years ago - if you claimed a human brain rewired itself - you'd likely lose your position as a brain researcher. Not so today. Nevertheless … the key is to use these new facts in ways that activate dormant circuits and trigger new neurons. How so? If you were able to rewire your own brain to function better on a daily basis you'd likely rejuvenate areas such as learning leading and laughing. Right?

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Research to Discover Opposite Views

Research is a bit like setting sail in the general direction of a rich shoreline, and then adding or building a new port in the exact location your ship finally docks. Not a bad plan, when you think of rich discoveries that research will bring to those who steer their vessels toward interesting and new destinations.

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Unique Capabilities of an Entrepreneur’s Brain

Entrepreneurs often act as lighthouses in workplaces marked by unrelenting consumerism and desperate lives. But what defines a successful entrepreneur's brain? Scott Allen says that entrepreneurship is not for all. Do you agree? Consider what's going on inside the entrepreneurial brain, and you've already begun to hrewire new neuron patways into your own brain's plasticity.

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Business Logic; Bad Logic, Poor Business

We see and read fallacies in logic every day. I am sure that there is a chance that even in this august newspaper there has been the odd fallacy in logic which escaped the eagle eyes of the editors. In this very column, I am sure that at times I have made an error in logic even though I pride myself in being logical.

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From Mismatched Tests to a High-Performance Mind

Do low test scores from your youth limit how you view your capabilities today? You'll be happy to know that testing is much more subjective than they told us previously. In fact, I discovered fascinating new options, when I wrote a book in 2005 to research how testing can become more accurate for adults, when we test a wider scope of intelligences.

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Career Planning: How to Discover Your Dream Job

When you were a kid, what did you dream of growing up to be? This may sound obvious, but before you can find the career you really want, you have to know what you are seeking. Career planning is a delicate process. The work we do, as well as where we do it (our work environment), have a huge impact on our ability to experience life and career success.

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It’s Time for Plan B: Brainstorming

Our workgroup was in the middle of a spirited brainstorming session — a free form session where creativity is encouraged, judgment is suspended, and the best ideas often come after ten or more minutes. The ideas were flying fast and furious, as they should, when the group gets momentum. The energy was intoxicating. And, in a fit of inspiration, I one employee suggested, "Why don't we reverse the order of the deliverables!?"

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