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Download Full Movie Public Enemies

It's no secret how the life of John Dillinger came to an end; so when Michael Mann begins his telling of the Dillinger story in 1933 only allowing for just over a year's worth of story to be told he isn't giving himself a lot of time. However, in a matter of only a few scenes Mann establishes his lead as a calculated and loyal criminal capable of breaking his friends out of jail, but unwilling to lose one along the way — that is unless you are the man upon which Dillinger places blame. Here is our hero, or anti-hero as it is, and Johnny Depp plays him with an accomplished steely gaze. It's a low-key performance surrounded by menace, desire and love, but at the same time this film won't be for everyone as its slow pace and attention to detail are sure to bore many while enthralling others.

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