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Strategizing Your Marketing Programs from an Educational Stand Point

When you are starting a new marketing program, try to look at it from an educational standpoint. You have a new product or service that you need to educate your audience on, thus inducing them to buy an idea. In considering this educational attitude, remember that marketing involves five main points that cannot be overlooked.

The most important aspect of marketing is that your educational message should be short, simple and inexpensive. Your audience will not be able to follow a program or an idea that overloads their concentration with multiple messages and details. The most effective marketing is straight the point, letting the audience know in no uncertain terms the action they should take. Moving your audience towards a goal is the most important step in making the sale. Thinking concisely will also help keep your marketing expenses within set limits.

However, convincing your audience to take that action is the next challenge. This is why you cannot simply tell your audience what you want them to do, but must give them a unique presentation which indirectly leads them to take action. You will be creating a system that works differently from every other pitch they have ever heard. The simple message is still there; you simply present your idea in a different manner. How do you think outside the box? You start by closely analyzing the existing market–your competition.

Your marketing plan should be consistent in every manner possible, not only in your own marathon performance, but also in the consistency of the program you are creating. Marketing, copywriting and advertising should all be consistent to the central idea you have created. You personally will be called upon to be consistent in your job, promoting your ideas and products wherever possible with no time for burnouts.

Marketing should also be a state-of-moment science, playing upon the impulse of customers to buy (to take action). Usually in business you only get once chance to make your sale, as your customers can always find other venues for a service or a standard product.

Learning the science of your business beyond the norm is also important. Think of how well your competition knows the product of sale and learn just a little bit more to give you a decided advantage. Businesspersons who know product, who have special knowledge beyond the standard, are always capable of making money–even from other entrepreneurs. These brain programs are assembled by experts, who franchise their idea out to others, while also offering new buyers ideas on marketing know-how and how to “jump start” their brains to innovative ideas.

Think of marketing as an education and teach your buyers how to take action. 

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