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Seritonin Builders for Better Business

Some people come to work with serotonin already flowing in their brains and you can too. They’re the folks who are fun to be around, seem smarter than most, and are usually up for promotions every step of the way.

Amazingly, serotonin re-patterns your brain to become more of the person you’d like others to see in you…. Start by changing one thing you do that holds you back and you’ll prepare your brain for new stepping stones forward….

Remember that …

Cortisol is serotonin’s enemy and works against your brain and your business. It increases when you sink into ruts… stay angry… or fail to forgive somebody.

Serotonin is your brain’s success hormone. It fuels solutions to problems you encounter… busts through mental barriers… and oils your multiple intelligences when you need them most.

To increase serotonin and decrease cortisol at work …

— stop to smell the coffee brewing

— listen to your favorite music as you drive to work

— Laugh at everything today – especially at yourself

— Look at art around you at the artist might enjoy it

— Go for walk at lunch

— Invite an old friend for dinner

— Give away one of your most successful strategies to a fellow worker

— Stretch…move… breathe deeply

— Remember a time when you were good to you – and repeat it

— Snack on trail mix or something for good energy

— Tell a story or invite one from a younger less-confident worker

— Plan one thing you most enjoy to do today after work

These things will all alter your brain chemicals in your favor… and create new synapses for more serotonin that profits you and your business. What do you think?

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