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Movies Captial – Where And How To Watch Streaming Movies Legally And Easily

There are two ways to deliver video files over the web. The first is through progressive download, and the second is through streaming. To download is to transfer data from a computer or telecommunications network to another electronic device or storage medium. Progressive downloads are typically cheaper and work with any server. However, they do not offer content protection to non downloaded parts. Streaming servers offer these functionalities. Now the question is this: Where to watch streaming movies?

The internet offers a lot of web sites which allow for video streaming. Depending on the site’s setup, you can download a file or view your movie as streaming video. When using a streaming format, the site sends the movie to your computer as a stream of information, and your player decodes it as you watch.

Streaming servers typically deliver files to you with a little help from a web server. You have to go to a web page first, and then click on the file you want to use. After doing so, the web server sends a message to the streaming server, telling it which file you want. The streaming server, then, sends the file directly to you. All of this data gets to where it needs to go because of sets of rules known as protocols, which govern the way data travels from one device to another.

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HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) streaming, for example, works through a very simple mechanism. Every time a seek operation is performed, the media player makes a request to the server side script with a couple of GET variables. One is the file to play and another is the start position. The server side script then starts the video from the offset given. After you start the video, you can directly jump to any part in the video without having to wait until it is loaded.

Where to watch streaming movies? Surf the net and find out.

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