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Mazda RX-8 History

The Mazda RX-8 sports cars is a coupe with bodywork produced by Japanese automaker Mazda since 2003.

The prototype

Presented at the stage of concept cars at the Motor Show in 2001 in New York, the car performs with an innovative four-door coupe body with the last two upwind opening for easy access to rear seats, being configured according to the pattern of 2 +2 seating. The chassis was lengthened and revised version of the platform of the  MX-5 Miata roadster while the engine had adopted an innovative Wankel engine of only 1300 centimeters cubes, naturally aspirated, with power ranging between 220 and 240 horses.
The prototype was well received by the public but Japanese gamers, after exposure to the Tokyo Motor Show where they had the motion of touch and try, did not consider the car a worthy heir to the RX-7 because of the platform and engine intake air (the RX-7 was equipped with a turbocharger) and the project was suspended and subsequently revised.

The final model

A new semi-final version was submitted in January of 2003 to a small group of fans in Japan, the design remained unchanged from the concept two years earlier while the chassis was completely renovated. New double-wishbone front suspension upper deformable rear multi-arm (diagram Multilink), opening the doors freestyle always linked to accessibility of course Wankel engine and rear seats from 1,300 cm ³ in different power levels depending on the needs of the markets. The manual gearbox is 5 or 6-speed automatic that a 4 or 6-speed sequential automatic. The new version was approved by enthusiasts and Mazda did start production next month at the premises of Hiroshima.


The sporty and racy, edited by Ikuo Maeda follows a trend arrow, and introduced a new family feeling that characterizes the Mazda to be launched in the early 2000s. The front air intake of considerable size ensures a good engine cooling while the tail is dominated by a small tailgate spoiler with LED lighting and background with red and silver two-tone style ice. Two tailpipes positioned at the ends of the hood and rear engine equipped with V-shaped ribs

The engine and versions

The body uses many elements in aluminum and carbon fiber to reduce weight while the new chassis allowed to enhance the dynamic qualities of the car. Weight distribution is equal to 50:50. The Wankel engine is positioned in the front of the car while the gearbox is at the rear. Serial Torsen limited-slip differential. The new naturally aspirated engine called Renesis 13B-MSP has two rotors 654 cm ³ of each and is capable of 218 horsepower (160 kW) combined with a manual 5-speed automatic or a 4. This step has been sold in Japan and America. A version called the High Power was offered in North America, Japan and later elsewhere in the world with the same engine but boosted to 250 horsepower and coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. In the United States was offered a basic version at 215 hp combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission and the 2006 6-speed sequential.
Engine Transmission Availability
1.3 Renesis 13B-MSP 192 CV (141 KW)
manual transmission

5 gear shifti

All markets except South America and Europe
1.3 Renesis 13B-MSP 192 CV (141 KW) automatic transmission 4 gear shift Asia, Australia, East Europa
1.3 Renesis 13B-MSP 215 CV (158 KW) automatic transmission 4 e 6 gear shift America
1.3 Renesis 13B-MSP 218 CV (160 KW)
manual transmission

5 gear shift

Asia, Australia, East Europa e America
1.3 Renesis 13B-MSP 218 CV (160 KW) automatic transmission 4 gear shift Asia, Australia, East Europa
1.3 Renesis 13B-MSP 231 CV (170 KW)
manual transmission

6 gear shift

Europa and Asia
1.3 Renesis 13B-MSP 250 CV (184 KW)
manual transmission

6 gear shift

all markets except South Europe

In Europe, the RX-8 Renesis was proposed with the 1.3 to 231 horsepower (manual transmission 6-speed), while in some northern European markets such as Great Britain was also given the entry-level version of 192 horses (5-speed gearbox or automatic 4) . The car in the 231 hp version goes smoothly from 1,000 to 9500 rpm allows great acceleration and good recovery (that would be amazing for a car of 1308 cm ³ engine capacity, with conventional motor). The maximum claimed speed is equal to 235 km / h with a click on the 0-100 km / h in 6.4 seconds for a consumption of 8.7 km / l in mixed cycle.

Mazdaspeed RX-8

Mazdaspeed RX-8 facelift  of 2009

The official Mazda Mazdaspeed is the computer that produces and distributes top-performing models of the house. A signed version of the producer was filed shortly after the debut in 2003 and went into production in 2004 in only 300 units. The main changes include the aesthetics of the car through the adoption of more sporty bumper and lower spoiler with larger air intakes. New designs of alloy wheels and stiffened suspension. Later the house he made available kit Mazdaspeed applicable to all engines and fittings in the range RX-8. In Italy is not available.

Restyling 2009

Launched in 2007, the version restylized Tokyo Motor Show will go into production only in 2009. The new model is distinguished from the previous series with the adoption of a new lighting slightly steeper than the past. New design of the front bumper and new side skirts and rear. Available new exterior colors and interior improvements in the quality of plastics. No update for the engine a bit more frugal in consumption.

RX-8 Hydrogen RE

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE

The Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE [6] is the bi-fuel version of Mazda’s sports house where the Renesis Wankel engine 1.3 can run either on gasoline to hydrogen. The hydrogen tank has a capacity of 110 liters at a pressure of 350 bar. Launched in 2004 the stage of concept car, production was approved in 2005. In November 2007 started the construction of the first 30 copies which are to Norway for the project HyNor (short for Hydrogen and Norway).

The 1.3 in the functioning hydrogen produces 109 horses and 140 Nm of maximum torque output at 5,000 rpm. The maximum speed is 170 km / h and range is 100 km. The 0-100 km / h is equal to 10 seconds. The engine in operation on petrol produces 218 horsepower and uses the same performance of gasoline-powered version only.

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