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Increase Jumping Ability – Dominate The Chumps Who Can't Get Rim!

Author: Mathew J Hultquist

Just think, if you increase your jumping ability, you could be the envy of your opponents. When you can jump higher, you could literally dunk over anyone, block their shots and get every rebound.

Here are 3 tips to increase your jumping ability and have you soaring to new heights in no time flat (WARNINGthese tips should be used with caution as they have helped many people increase their vertical jump to 44 inches in less than 3 weeks):

1. Jump some rope – how in the world will jumping rope help you increase your jumping ability? A couple things – by consistently jumping rope you are not only building up your endurance, but you are also building your leg muscles. Jumping rope will help build your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. All of these muscles are essential to getting air.

2. Stretch – appropriately stretching does 2 things. First it lengthens your muscle bellies so that you are more limber. Second, it allows more blood to flow to the muscles. The combination of these 2 things will help you not only be more agile, but they will also help prevent injury. Be sure to stretch appropriately before and after any practice or game for the best effect.

3. Lose some weight – If you are serious about increasing your jumping ability, drop a few pounds. You will be amazed at how much higher you can jump with even a few pounds gone. Additionally, the lower weight will lighten the stress on your knees and hips and help to make you more explosive.

There are a number of other tips and strategies you can use to increase jumping ability, but when used wisely, these will definitely get you headed in the right direction.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/basketball-articles/increase-jumping-ability-dominate-the-chumps-who-can039t-get-rim-1798590.html

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Mat Hultquist is an online researcher on how to increase jumping ability and blogs about the secrets and tactics used by professional athletes to increase their jump to unbelievable heights. Discover their most trusted secrets at http://www.verticalburst.com

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