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How To Blog- Things To Bear In Mind Before Creating Your Blog

Blogging is the latest buzzword in cyberspace attracting millions of people who are finding it easier to share their views with the rest of the world. In the initial years, blogging was seen just as a virtual diary where people shared their experiences with known as well as unknown people. Over a period of time, blogging as a concept has undergone some major changes and has become commercial in nature. Irrespective of whether you want a blog to reach out to friends or for earning some cash, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Some of these tips are as follows:

  • Create the blog on the right blogging platform

There are several blogging platforms that have become quite popular in recent times. Some of these blogging platforms are well known while the rest are not as extensively known. It is always a good idea to create the blog on a well known blogging platform that is more user friendly and frequently visited.

  • Find the subject that you want to write on

Blogging is one medium that does not restrict writers from thinking freely. There are several topics that you can write on and generate traffic to the blog. For example, the tech freaks prefer writing on new gadgets, mobile phones and appliances. Likewise, experimental cooks include new recipes for their readers. Alternately, you can have a miscellaneous blog that features content of all kinds. In fact, if you are not very keen on writing you can have a photo blog that can contain all your favorite pictures.

  • Have an open minded approach

A blogger should always be open to honest and constructive criticism. While you can moderate the comments posted at your blog, you should take the criticism positively and make sure that your blog is interesting and updated regularly.

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