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Forex Robot World Cup – The Brutal Truth About Automatic 145.60% In 60 Days

I hope you’re having a good day because I’m about to make it even better! I’ve got something great for you to take home and read this weekend. As part of the run up to the FRCW EA launch they’ve released what I think is the most complete, essential and comprehensive guide to EAs ever written.

I’ve never been more serious. This report explains everything! When they showed it to me I thought they were going to charge for it because it’s like a little book all on it’s own.

Check it out here:

==> Visit Official Forex Robot World Cup Website

I was pretty shocked when I read this because up until now the strategy for marketers has been to keep everyone in the dark so they could sell you these “mystical” programs and made money from the FX markets like magic. None of them have been bold enough to throw the doors wide open and take us in to the bat-cave.

Let me give you a quick rundown of the material – but if you want, just get it here:

==> Visit Official Forex Robot World Cup Website

– Find out the TRUTH about commercial EAs and how you’ve been ripped off and didn’t even know it!

– The Acid Test – Learn the essential 3 steps to see if your EA holds water or sinks like a stone. (Ever dropped $97 on something that wasn’t seaworthy?)

The FRWC’s Secret Weapon – they’ve tapped in to an energy source for robots that no one has ever used before – details inside!

– So what exactly IS an EA?? How do these things work? Check out the blueprints for yourself!

– Examine the timeline – from paper charts to megabytes of code – the evolution of the industry

– Don’t know anything about EAs? No problem – the beginners guide gets you up to speed with the basics of FX

– Behind the Scenes – Go backstage and see what really went on at the FRWC headquarters!

– Testing, testing and more testing – see the FRWC dissecting a Robot

– Are rules meant to be broken? NO they’re not! Check out FRWC’s Quality Control System – The Scientific Method – Find out why the FRWC is the Real McCoy – Nothing is hidden, nothing left unexplained – facts, figures and proof is all you get!

– The Honest Truth, something you didn’t know about EAs…

– The Final THREE – FRWC’s winners, why you want them and where to get them!

You can get a copy of the report here:

==> Visit Official Forex Robot World Cup Website

This has been the most revealing report I’ve ever read! You definitely don’t want to miss this one. Once you’ve gone through this material, you’re never going to get taken for a ride again and that’s a FACT! Full disclosure seems to be the motto of the FRWC.

What I like about these guys is that they’re not saying “Take our word for it”, they’re saying, “Here’s how everything works, here’s the proof!”

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