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Fit Right Of Ugg As You Tought

If you have already found an amazing pair of ugg boots from our online store which also with an even more amazing price, the next thing you may care is that whether the boots are fit for you. Don’t worry, here I recommend three measurements you should know: the shoe size, the shaft height and the calf width. With these measurements, you’ll find your right shoes.

When fitting your boots, there are three measurements that you need to be aware of. The first is your shoe size. Knowing your size is essential in finding the perfect pair of shoes. The easiest way to determine the size of your foot is to go to any shoe store and have one of their sales associates measure you. Remember, your foot size and shoe size will not always be the same. Your shoe size may vary depending on the style or brand of shoe. Another consideration is whether you are going to wear socks or panty hose with the boots. Socks will make the boot feel snug while panty hose will give you more room.

Now that you know your shoe size, the second and third measurements for the perfect fitting boots are the length and width of your calf. To measure the length of your calf, use a flexible tape measure and measure from the bottom of your heel up to just below the knee. This measurement is the shaft height of the boot. Next, measure the circumference of the widest part of your calf. With these two measurements, you can determine the fit of the boot shaft. Most women’s boots have elastic on some part of the shaft to help fit your leg. Some boots have an elastic panel on the top while other boots have elastic that runs down the back part of the shaft. Some boot shafts are made completely of a stretchy material to fit your calf. These features allow the wearer to be a bit more flexible when choosing the right boot.

When you shop online, these three measurements will guarantee a great fit. In fact, many online shoe stores have all three measurements listed with the boot. Once you find the perfect boot, be sure to shop around online to find a great deal. It’s imperative that they fit right to get the look that you’re going for, these measurements are important for you.

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