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Don’t Get Talked Into An Economic Decline

The media is doing their best to talk us into another recession. If they have their way we will find ourselves in a full-blown economic decline. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to let the people who report the news determine my destiny. In a nutshell – I can’t afford another recession. I have been through 3 since I started speaking and training full time in 1973.

So, what can we do to limit the impact of the economy on our success, lifestyle and income? We can wait and see! We can worry! We can whine and moan! We can settle for less! Or, we can use this time to get better, smarter, wiser, more effective and, yes, successful. There have been economic shifts in the US and the world for years. This is nothing new. However, I have observed the reactions of hundreds of salespeople and organizations during the past 25+ years, and generally, one of two things happen to salespeople and/or the organizations they work for.

They can do less, feel out of control, circle the wagons, cut back, and generally focus on how ‘bad’ everything is. These salespeople and organizations tend to get less of their share of the available business during these times and after.

The other groups work harder, smarter, more effectively and focus on what they can do. You guessed it – this group may not set sales records, but they emerge better equipped to take advantage of the increase in business when it comes. And it always comes. After every recession for the past 70 years, there have been economic booms.

So, what can you do regardless of what happens ‘out there’?

1. Focus on what is working.

2. Avoid naysayers.

3. Read instead of watching TV.

4. Get up earlier every day.

5. Make one or two extra calls every day.

6. Plan better and more frequently.

7. Look under every rock for new business.

8. Re-activate past clients.

9. Improve your after-sales service on existing customers.

10. Attend a sales seminar that can refine your skills. (Mine is 3/26 – 3/27 in Charlotte. A few seats remain.)

11. Go to bed an hour later (I am assuming by getting up earlier and/or going to bed later you will be using the time to beat the competition.)

12. Get focused.

13. Waste less time with poor prospects.

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