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Disabilities and the Work at Home Experience

Work at home opportunities may be especially suited to individuals who have a physically limiting handicap. It is heartening to know that many businesses work to accommodate disabled workers in a traditional work environment, but the truth is there may be significantly reduced stress in an at home work environment.

In many cases a handicapped worker has customized their home to accommodate their physical challenges and they are comfortable with their surroundings.

One of the best things about an online job for a disabled worker is it levels the playing field. An online buyer does not know or even care if the individual they are buying from lives with physical challenges. What they do care about is getting a good price on a product they need. They also care about customer service and on-time delivery.

If you can provide these things to a customer then a work at home business involving the Internet may be perfectly suited to your needs.

Disabled workers may also qualify for a variety of either loans or grant programs to help them get started in a home-based business.

For many disabled workers a work at home job may be the key that allows then to gain financial independence for the first time in their lives. Many very gifted individuals suffer from the stigma associated with a disability. They may not be the strongest candidate for available jobs and some may still live with their parents simply because they have not been able to find a job that works with their specific limitations.

Some individuals have had to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in order to live independently. SSDI is available for those who have worked long enough to have Social Security taxes that have accrued meaningfully. SSI is based on financial need. In both cases supporting evidence is required to participate. Most individuals with either life-long disability or a disabling injury due to an accident continue to want more from their lives than relying on public aid although some have no viable choice in the matter. This is why many turn to work at home opportunities.

One group has estimated that 40% of at home workers are disabled in some way. Other resources indicate there are a high percentage of workers with disabilities finding a way to work at home. This is information that is not routinely shared. Many articles will deal with mothers with young children who work from home, but there are a growing percentage of men and disabled workers who are also returning home.

The Social Security Administration provides individuals who receive SSDI and SSI benefits the opportunity to learn vocational employment through their ‘Ticket to Work’ program. This can also aid in the development of a plan to take work home for many individuals.

All of us respond to life best when we are in a place where we have a strong comfort level. This can often be accomplished by being in a job for a period of time, but it can also be achieved more quickly in a home environment. It’s a place that you know and where moments of comfort are well remembered. It should not come as a surprise when people of all abilities return home to work.

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