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SIP Cost Savings in Business Communications

In recent years Session Initiation Protocol or SIP has become a widespread protocol of choice for multimedia applications. In particular SIP has become quite popular in voice applications. Most major PBX manufacturers now support IP endpoints and also support SIP trunks and extensions. The growing popularity of the open source PBX software Asterisk and its various derivatives (e.g.Asterisk Business Edition, AsteriskNow, Elastix, Trixbox, Switchbox etc.) has also fueled the development and implementation of SIP.

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Some Useful Advice on How to Communicate Effectively in Business

As an entrepreneur you are probably regularly coming up with lots of fantastic money making schemes. However, even if you have brilliant ideas, they're worthless unless you share them. So, being able to communicate effectively is as important as being able to come up with great ideas. However, not everyone is good at communication, and they need practice to be capable of it.

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