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The Importance of Balancing your Small Business Checkbook

How consistent are you with maintaining your business checkbook? Although balancing your checkbook is one of the foremost essentials for managing one's budget effectively, millions of individuals don't do it regularly and that goes for small businesses too. For the sake of saving time, you might engage in some dangerous behaviors like checking the ATM receipt for our current balance, and accepting it as our bottom line without thought to pending checks or other debits; or only balancing the checkbook at tax time. These can be fatal errors that cost you more time than you might have saved by skiping this step.

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3 Situations that Require a Tax Attorney

Hopefully you will never require the services of a tax attorney, although it's never a bad idea to consult with one on a regular basis in order to have him or her review your files and make recommendations. But if you do in fact require the services of a tax attorney, make sure you spend some time interviewing various attorneys in order to find one who can address your unique needs and with whom you feel comfortable.

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