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What Are Gerber Files for Printed Circuit Boards, and Who Needs Them?

When an electronics design engineer has completed their circuit design for an application, the next step towards completing the product design is to enter the schematic details into a computer based schematic capture program. The schematic capture program, which is usually part of an Electronic Design Automation, EDA or Computer Automated Design, PCB CAD, software design package, will create a net list from the completed schematic that details every electrical connection between each electronic component.

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The 8-Basics Of Lean Manufacturing

In their efforts to draw closer to customers, many manufacturers have lost focus on what should be a company's primary success factor - profitable growth. In today's competitive manufacturing environment, it takes more than quick fixes, outsourcing and downsizing for companies to consistently achieve their growth and profit objectives. While these options may yield temporary financial relief, they will not lead the way to long-term growth and profitability. For companies to grow and consistently exceed bottom line expectations, they need to get lean. And, to get lean they must master the basics of lean manufacturing.

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