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Increase Your Knowledge, Increase Your Business

Adding skills to your company is a vital part of growing one's business. There are two main ways to do this: Learning the new skills yourself, or bringing on a partner. I've already discussed the pros and cons of bringing on a partner in a previous article, so in this one, I'll talk about learning needed skills on your own.

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Is America Too Stupid to Compete in the Global Economy

I was teaching a doctoral class over the week-end and one of the doctoral candidates came in with some very interesting statistics about the college graduation rates of various ethnic groups here in our great country. The numbers of college students graduating for Whites were around 33% for African Americans it was about 16% and for Hispanics it was around 12%. These very low numbers are alarming to say the least. That means on the whole only a very small portion of our citizens are going to college and graduating. You are probably asking yourself so what is the big deal? It is a very big deal and this is the reason why; we are on the precipice of a new economy that has a core in renewable energy, green technology, and the engineering capacity to reduce greenhouse gases and give the human race the ability to sustain the economy and the planet we live upon. As it stands the global economy is unsustainable as long as we focus on the present oil economy. So I did a bit more digging into the ability of our citizens to lead in these new industries.

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