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What All Is Involved In Getting A T1 Line??

If you are a potential customer, don't even bother wondering what is behind the curtain. The telecom companies take care of the infrastructure, and you take care of the bill -- that's how it works. It doesn't matter if the "big tan telephone company cabinet" is involved or not -- you just want the service. Sure, it's interesting to know how stuff works, and it would be fun to drive by some box in the middle of some cornfield and know that your electrons are running through it, but it really doesn't matter, right? If the price is too high, you're not buying regardless of how the service is provisioned.

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How to Protect Against Denial-of-Service Attacks

There are many critical steps to keeping your network and applications safe, but how do you protect against denial of service attacks? If an outside party is flooding your email with spam, you won't be able to receive new messages. If they are inundating your website with information and requests, it could slow your system to a crawl or even crash it. With your system is compromised, an attacker may even use your resources to attack another business. The real question is, what can you do to prevent this sort of attack?

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