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The Economic Impact of the Minimum Wage

Doesn't anyone find it interesting that consenting adults can agree on most anything except their wage? Does no one else find the insinuation insulting? The minimum wage law is essentially saying that you, as an adult American, are not intelligent enough to decide for whom and for what pay to accept a job. It of course also assumes that you are not smart enough to leave said job if another more beneficial job becomes available.

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Despite Regulations American Small Businesses Always Go for the Goal, Surviving the Financial Crisis

Since the Carter administration I have heard over and over again that the economy was on shaky ground. It may have been reported prior to that but I wasn't paying attention until the mid 70s. So I am used to the reports that the sky is falling. What I have experienced, however is that prices will always eventually go up. Wall Street will bounce up and down. Some companies will go out of business and others will boom. And as always, the only thing that is certain is death and taxes.

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Your Money or Your Life – a Financial Crisis Comment

This was what highway robbers used to demand. I mean the ones that used to ride horses in the olden days. Which do you value most: your money or your life? TV and newspaper coverage of the world financial crisis at present would lead you to believe most people are opting for the money. Terrorism, climate change, droughts and warfare are being pushed aside in the rush to beg for mercy at the shrine of the stock exchange.

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Is Our Recession Related to Globalisation?

This article sets out to unravel some indicators as to why the traditional established economies are in trouble, by providing a synopsis of the challenges and opportunities arising from the globalisation of supply and customer markets, and illustrate some proven approaches to resource and compete in these tough rapidly evolving business scenarios.

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