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Is It Time to Eliminate the US Cent-Penny?

The US cent has been with us for over 225 years. First as the Large Cent, then the Flying Eagle/Indian Head Cent and then the Lincoln Cent. The Lincoln Cent has been around nearly 100 years. The correct terminology is cent even though many refer to the coin as a penny.

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Credit Squeeze Reaches Tax Havens

While New York and the City of London react to real news and rumours about the state of the banks by dropping hundreds of points in a day and then gaining some of it back, some countries might imagine they won't be affected by the lack of confidence in past decisions made by US and European banks.

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If the Economy Sours, What will Your Customers Do?

Recent news coming from Wall Street won't exactly fill your stockings with Holiday cheer. In fact, it may make you think about tucking a bit of your discretionary cash under the mattress for the proverbial rainy day. If the economy does sour, what will your customers do? Will they continue to spend as they always have, or will they begin to pare back spending?

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Business Accounts Over a Barrel

Newspapers reports doom and gloom for business's when consumers haven't spent as much as they were predicted to. Shortly after, they report the madness with everyone rushing to spend, spend, spend at the January sales. Next you will see media reports of the debt we all get into around Christmas time to perk up our dreary lives.

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Investment Politics: Jobs, The Economy, and Social Security

Who wants to be a president; the President of the United States? Social Security reform is the winning ticket. Research supports the thesis that Social Security reform would provide all the lubrication necessary to get our economic ball bearings rolling in the right direction. Economies do not grow, or increase employment, when job providers are taxed and regulated unmercifully, throttling their energy, creativity, and profitability. Consumer spending pushes the economy; we need to do more than hand out a few hundred bucks.

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How will the US Economy Recover?

You would probably have to have been living on a remote desert island for the better part of two years to not see any signs of the slowdown in the economy of the United States. Since August of 2007, the real estate market has been reeling from plummeting house prices, due primarily to increasing defaults on sub-prime mortgages. While these mortgages were issued to millions of borrowers with patchy or relatively poor credit ratings over the past several years, interest rates remained unusually low before the Federal Reserve began to increase rates over 2005-2006.

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Currency Movements Punish Deficit Nations

Currency movements are an accepted risk when making international payments and can have a real and significant impact on profitability and cash flow for businesses involved in international trade. Over time movements in a nations currency will largely reflect how well or how poorly as nation is managing its international trading accounts.

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Business and the Terrorist State

The news of the assassination of former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bhutto only crystallized the volatility of the world that we live in today. Furthermore this volatility has placed a heavy burden on those who are engaged in any business activity. Whether you are a marketer, manager, CEO or business person of any stripe you know that the world of business is in for a rocky ride for the next 4 years.

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Recession or Not? The Answer Lies in the Physics

According to macroeconomics, a recession in the United States economy is defined as two consecutive quarterly declines in GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The GDP is a dollar value that is representative of all the goods and services produced for a given period of time. Its purpose is to indicate the financial strength and health of the country.

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