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How to Flatten a Penny

My son slipped a penny in the slot, cranked the machine, and turned his (or was it mine?) penny flat. He can't spend it now, but who uses pennies these days? We have drawers full of them. Watching him made me think of Thomas Friedman's book, The World Is Flat: A Brief History Of The Twenty-First Century (an easy recollection since I was reading the book).

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The Influence of Foreign Oil on the American Economy

Many people are calling for a new energy bill to be passed through congress. This is because of the new growth in the demand of transportation coupled with increase gas prices. The United States domestic oil production is slowly decreasing which means that the American public must depend more and more on foreign oil supplies. These increasing oil prices have an adverse impact on the United State Economy including the stock market. It is essential that the United States develop a energy plan that allows for increasing transportation while helping the United States move away from dependence on foreign oil supplies.

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Focus on the Future

As we move slowly into 2008, what are our thoughts? How is the year going to turn out? How successful will we be and what will happen to our businesses? The businesses we either own or manage. Looking back on the past few years with the changes from 9/11 onwards many have failed to see the subtle shifts in many industries and unsubtle shifts in others. The Airline industry, for instance, is in a subtle shift. From large airplanes to smaller Biz Jets, to even larger airplanes, and the largest carriers filing for Chapter 11. How is it going to pan out in 2008?

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Your First Car Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be A Problem

Purchasing car insurance for the first time can be stressful. Thus, most people just accept what the dealership or car loan lender offers and don't bother to shop around for the best car insurance offer available. What these people fail to understand is that a small difference on the monthly payments of an insurance premium can result on huge savings. Furthermore, if the payment of the premium is not done in installments savings can be even higher.

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Average Household Income Down! Recession? Depression? Worse?

Recently, there have been reports on the radio and in the local newspapers on numbers that have come in on the average annual household income. The report states the average annual household income has fallen over a five-year period between the years 2000 and 2005. In 2000, the average annual household income was $55,714. In 2005, it is reported to have dropped to $55,238.

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How to Identify the Major Economic Factors that are Important in Forex Trading

Unlike other trading exchanges such as the NYSE, NASDAQ, and other major stock trading organizations, trading in the foreign exchange market can be extremely volatile on a day-to-day basis. It is crucial that anyone who is going to invest in the Forex market be as informed as possible on the global economic news of the day that influences the market. There are numerous economic factors that influence the movement of a particular currency.

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Injecting Money Into the Market

Unless you have spent the past couple of months hiding away in a cave, you are aware that a huge number of home mortgage loans have ended up in default and even in foreclosure. Indeed, some states in the country are experiencing a record rate of mortgage foreclosure filings. In addition to problems associated with credit and lending, the stock market has been a bit bearish itself. The combination of these two factors has caused a significant amount of concern amongst economic, financial and fiscal experts and consumers.

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How to Increase Job Opportunities and Tax Revenues

The news media would have you think the jobs we have lost to China, India and other countries are the result of lower cost labor. They tend to blame greedy capitalists on moving production off shore to save a few pennies on the production of products sold in our markets.

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The Role of Advertising in Our Economy

We in America live and prosper in a dynamic economy. Ours has been and is an economy of relative abundance which has succeeded in bringing about a material well-being never before known in history. It is an economy which emphasizes consumption! In this country consumption does not necessarily mean wearing out goods in a physical sense. We wear out goods psychologically as well. Our hats are discarded because they are psychologically worn out, not because they are physically done in. Usually our clothes are psychologically worn out and discarded while the material is still good.

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