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Quotable Quotes in Development Management

1. Development is a comprehensive economic, social, political, and cultural process that aims at the improvement of the quality of life of all people and the full enjoyment of all fundamental freedoms and human rights without disntinction as to race, gender, religion, status, or political belief. It is though a genuine development that the full potentials of the human person and the whole human race can be fully realized. - UN Declaration of the Decade of Development.

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The Power of Business Development

There are numerous techniques used to grow an economic enterprise. These techniques include the assessment of marketing opportunities and the target Market. They also find ways to gather on information of the customers and competitors for business development. Mainly business development is known to raise the bottom line of the company. It is the job of the business development professional to look out for the right opportunities to sell a product or to launch some new product in the market.

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