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Our car articles open you to the different facets of motoring. Read about gas price, car audio and other accessories, extending fuel performance, where to obtain quality used cars, car care tips, car insurance, and more. As you see, these articles are not only about owning cars. Check out our vast resources and see how these will take you off the road and into a wider lane of information.

2010 BMW Serie 7

To face the newMercedes S Class and Jaguar XJ, BMW will incorporate further improvements in the 2010 BMW Serie 7. First, will offer a turbodiesel variant, called the 740d.

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2010 Hyundai Sonata

Korean Cars Hyundai officially unveiled the new 2010 Sonata in South Korea. The model will be officially launched at the Motor Show in Los Angeles in December or the Detroit Motor Show next year.

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2010 Honda Skydeck

Honda announced it will present at the Tokyo Motor Show Honda Skydeck Concept. The Concept will be a six-seater MPV hybrid that is still under study this design. The company said the Honda Skydeck is a good example of how the IMA technology can be located in a wide range of models for different needs.

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Toyota Auris

A real breakthrough by Japanese firm Toyota is the Auris concept, which anticipates what will be the brand new compact, which should happen to the famous Corolla. For Europe, it has been confirmed that the name change, most surely, by this compact.

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2010 Volkswagen Amarok

No, not finally going to be called Robust! The German company eventually chose the name for your new Amarok pick up. The name is from the Inuit language, used by people living in Canada and Greenland, and means Wolf. Eskimos revere the wolf as the king of the wild, because of its strength, strength, endurance and superiority.

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Corvette Grand Sport Coupe NCM

Chevrolet will unveil a special edition of the Corvette to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the "National Corvette Museum" This special edition - Corvette Grand Sport Coupe NCM is painted arctic white with a special tratamientoe in black on the hood, with the logo painted on the center and a red line that surrounds the black part.

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Lexus IS 250 Review

If you're shopping for an entry-level luxury sedan with a sporty disposition, you'll undoubtedly come across the compact Lexus IS 250. It's the less expensive companion to the pricier but more powerful IS 350 and it's the most affordable way into the Lexus lineup. Although modestly powered for a premium-brand sport sedan, the IS 250 offers all the other virtues of the current IS series, including precise handling, a top-quality interior and an extensive array of high-tech features.

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