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Social Networking and Face-to-Face Marketing

In a recent issue of Trade Show Executive, I read an interesting article about Magic Stick, the winner of the TSE 2009 Innovation Award. Magic Stick is a small gadget, about the size of a computer memory stick that you carry with you. When you see someone also carrying a Magic Stick you can electronically exchange contact information. You each aim, push a button and voila you are networked.

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Benefits of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping tasks

Are you wondering how much profit you gain outsourcing your accounting tasks to a company overseas and worried about increasing your benefits? Then you should continue reading this article. There are many reasons for outsourcing your tasks. You may not have the proper team of professionals to execute that project or you don't want to recruit new human resources or you want to save money and your time. You can still outsource your accounting tasks, even if you are a CPA or a CPA company to minimize the operational cost and to maximize the profit from the work you get.

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Effective Small Business Credit Card Management

One of the major concerns for those who have small businesses or who are just starting up with a business is financing. In the past, it obligatory to come up with a large cash that will be sufficient as working capital in order to put up business or even a small enterprise. Today, small businesses can take advantage of the fact that they can use small business credit cards to help them not only to start up a business but in managing it as well.

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More Problem-Solving Success Tips

From the time we're little kids, we're taught to solve problems by trial and error. That's fine if the problem is as simple as a burned out light bulb. When the problem is a muddle of business, technical and political problems, we need something that helps us untangle the mess. Unless you're Harry Potter, treating a mess like a burned out light bulb is as effective as wishing for magic.

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Optimists and Pessimists

Two groups stare at the same half-filled glass of water and reach different conclusions. It's always been that way as the optimists and pessimists wage their war of opinions. But lately, I have to admit, in the current world of exhibitions, the pessimists seem to be winning.

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Job Analysis and Design Tips

Does your job description analysis assure you of hiring and retaining superior performers? Your employees may be doing the tasks required by the job, but are they performing those tasks the way they need to be done; and does the job motivate them by rewarding their values?

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Execution Rhythm Encourages Effective Business Communication

To say that the way we communicate in business today is undergoing major changes would be a wildly profound understatement. Many businesses simply feel overwhelmed by the advances of Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, not to mention the near total penetration of mobile devices like the iPhone and BlackBerry. The simple email and conference call, once the de facto standards, are now just two of the numerous tools in a crowded communications toolbox. Are these new tools bad, making effective business communication and Execution Rhythm impossible? No, like any multi-faceted business process, they must be applied as proper leverage points toward one thing, the achievement of the highly focused future picture of your business.

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