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About Google Adsense, Home based Business in pakistan & Online Part Time Jobs in pakistan

Asalam o alikum wa rehamat ullah e wabarakat Mayray article likhnay ka maqsad sirf aur sirf apnay payray aur  masoom hum watan dostoo ko hosheyar bash karna jo aj kal google adsense , online date entry jobs,aur en following mention jobs k nam par sada loh logo ko bewakof banya jata hai. aur ghareeb logo ko mazik ghareeb kar diya jata hai Logo design, Business cards, Graphic designers Youtube Video Uploading Facebook Friends Pages Freelance programmers, Writers Contract Basis Online worker Web promotions JavaScript Visual basic Offshore web development Website designer & Developers Technical support website or computer Research pricing ...

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Love What You Do…The Money Will Follow

I am a firm believer in living each day loving what you are doing. This philosophy has grown even stronger as I mature through life. As a young individual you are so concerned about becoming an adult and wanting the opportunity to have choices. Then you realize that with those choices comes a lot of responsibility. Sometimes we are ready for it and other times we are not.

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7 Sanity Saving Business Boundaries

Clearly set boundaries help other people to understand how you want to be treated. They are the rules, if you like, that apply when others deal with you and your business. Many of us aren't good at establishing boundaries, something that probably stems from way back in our childhoods.

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Differentiation Leads to Success

Are you like your competition? I hope not! If so, how boring you must be! The key to having more customers is providing something that no one else does and doing it better. If there is nothing different about you, then why should I buy your product or service? Price? That's not a good pricing model for most businesses. There is always going to be someone else out there that is willing to decrease their prices and go out of business faster than you (hopefully). Competing on price provides you very little opportunity to have a profitable business.

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The Sins of Lateral Marketing…

I met a single mom at a writer's bootcamp. She regaled me with stories about writing books on frugal cooking, life inside a cult, a mystery novel, and romance novels. They were all different markets so I suggested she select a single topic - and spin off intermediate and high-end products - before jumping into another market.

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When You Can’t Find Perfect People: Normal Employees and De- Motivation

Before one of my keynotes, an attendee who introduced himself as Mr. Lansdorf asked me, "What can I do about working for a corporation full of stiffs?" In spite of the fact that the company paid quite well, Mr. Lansdorf's people never performed the way he hoped they would when he hired them. His co-workers weren't much better. As for his boss, "He couldn't care less about my problems. He'd like to be able to forget about my whole department."

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