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Employee Time Clocks Organize and Save Money

It's a fact. Hourly employees have to log in and out of work. People don't usually work for free, right? On the accounting end, this time has to be added, calculated and used for creating paychecks. Keeping track of employee time can be complex, time consuming and tricky. Employee time clocks help save money and time by keeping track of time worked, with many able to export data for use with QuickBooks and other payroll software.

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Forming a Private Purchasing Cooperative for Health Insurance in Texas

As stated by the Texas Department of Insurance, the Texas Legislature enacted three bills that allow small business employers to form cooperatives for the purchase of employer health benefit plans in Dallas, Houston and throughout Texas. All three types of cooperatives are private purchasing cooperatives under state law. Texas Insurance Code Chapter 1501, Subchapter B provides for the formation of Purchasing Cooperatives. Two of the three have special characteristics; for clarity, we will refer to the broader category as "private purchasing cooperatives."

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SWOT Analysis- To Make Your Business More Profitable

SWOT Analysis is a well-known method for describing a business or business propositions in terms of those factors that can have the maximum impact. The business owner does this analysis in order to improve the current position of the business. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the business are considered to be the internal aspects of a business, such as the quality of the product or the managerial skills. Whereas the Opportunities and Threats are the external factors, like the development of a completely new market or the arrival of new competitors.

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Organizations: An Overview Of Functions, Types And Purposes

Over the years, literally thousands of books and articles have been written about organizations, associations and groups. Their role, effectiveness, structure and management have been the subject of scholarly articles, news flashes and popular self help guru's books and seminars. This article addresses a few more common types of groupings and their advantages and disadvantages.

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