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It’s Time for Plan B: Brainstorming

Our workgroup was in the middle of a spirited brainstorming session — a free form session where creativity is encouraged, judgment is suspended, and the best ideas often come after ten or more minutes. The ideas were flying fast and furious, as they should, when the group gets momentum. The energy was intoxicating. And, in a fit of inspiration, I one employee suggested, "Why don't we reverse the order of the deliverables!?"

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Investment Property Seminars: Yeah or Nay?

Analyze yourself... do you want some help from a professional with regards to investment property? Are you afraid of loosing money in your property investments? Do you need some guidance in the real estate business? You should probably attend an investment property seminar especially if you said yes to one or more of those questions.

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Managing Emotions: Begin with Self-Awareness and Self-Management

This being human is a guest-house Every morning a new arrival." -- From: Say I Am You, Poems of Rumi Translated by John Moyne and Coleman Barks I turned around in my kitchen and walked into the open dishwasher, cracking my shin on the edge of the door. Ouch!#@%*! Pain went through my body, and my anger barometer zoomed from zero to one hundred in about two seconds. It was all I could do to keep from kicking the door. Good thing - the pent up energy in my body would have torn the door off its hinges. But I caught myself and made some better choices. I quickly put ice and arnica on my shin, drank a glass of water, and took a few deep breaths. The barometer began to drop. I still hurt, but I hadn't done any damage.

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You’d Have to be Brain Dead to Listen Up

You'd have to brain dead to “listen up,” when the human brain retains less than 5% of what a person hears in any talk. It's true. Lectures actually work against your brain. Yet in every lecture hall, and in every hard seat, you find people sitting up bolt straight, feigning interest for the sake of some speaker. Wait a minute … how then have lectures and talks stuck around since Plato, if they work against a person's brain? Good question, and the answer is finally here.

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