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If You Were Chief Boss of the World, Are You Gonna Be Really Happy?

Have you Ever Run Into Those Little Tyrants? The little guys who think they can step on everyone's toes? Did you realize that the only people who seem to be power-hungry are those who don't have any. Once you attain power, it becomes a burden. This statement comes from many of those minds that rose to power, thinking that happiness would follow, and were highly disappointed.

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Sales Ethics…

He was brilliant. Polished. An asset for the company he represented. In less than an hour, he worked up the crowd to fever pitch. Hundreds of people lined up to sign up for the next step—which involved a no-cost, eight-hour financial investment training day.

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Money Can Corrupt a Good Person

A leprechaun frolicked from under the magnificent rainbow that caressed the once heavily laden rain soaked valley. A pot of gold lay beneath his feet and a smile paraded from his lips as a man tried with all of his might to catch the lively elf. His pursuit was quickly thwarted with the disappearance of the green man and the gold he guarded.

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For Sale By Owner: Fair Housing Laws and Ethics

When advertising your home for sale by owner, you will undoubtedly come into contact with a variety of people. All of these people, simply put, will not look just like you. You may come into contact with people of different ethnic groups or nationalities, people of different race, or even people with disabilities or handicaps. Situations can arise where discrimination against different types of people can be a violation of law, particularly regarding housing. Most types of housing are covered under these laws with the exception of those dwellings that operate under shelter laws, for example exclusively for battered women or for the hearing impaired.

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Ethics and Values in Business

....a sting operation, executed by a foreign channel, has brought to the fore, yet again, that unless we do something Ethics and Values is fading fast and soon going to become extinct from the Corporate World .... in my opinion it would be the bureaucracy(Govt), and EV (Ethics and Values) which shall spell havoc on the corporate world....

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Own Up and It won’t Explode

It seems that, almost every day, some politician, talk-show host, high-visibility CEO, athlete, or celebrity says something or is caught doing something that is embarrassing, damages their reputation, or can even end a career. I could easily name the names here of people who have found themselves in these difficult circumstances in the past few months but I'd quickly run out of my allotted space for this column and it wouldn't serve any positive purpose. In most cases the problem gets worse, usually much worse, when the person attempts to deny the allegations. When that happens, and the cover-up is discovered, it really hits the proverbial fan. Self-preservation is human nature and, for many people, a natural “damage control” defense is to deny, offer a smoke-screen, point a finger elsewhere, or otherwise try to squirm out of a difficult situation, but inevitably that evading activity seems to explode the issue into much larger and more dangerous proportions.

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Hand Out Warm Glows

Do you remember how you felt after your last interaction with another person either on the phone or face to face? That person - it could have been a customer, a colleague, a salesperson, a friend or even a member of your family. Did they make you feel good, uplifted and more positive, did they leave you feeling neutral or did they make you feel down and more negative.

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Firing Someone – Does it have to be painful, for them and you?

The need to write this article came about through the recent experience of two of my friends. Both had been fired. One for supposed poor performance (although she had never been counselled and at the time was in fact on sick leave) and one because the start up facility she was employed by, suddenly closed down. Both were senior managers. Both were loyal, hardworking employees but are now very angry and taking legal action against their former employers. Why are they so angry? One could say it's because they have lost their jobs and this would be quite understandable. However, the main action that has triggered their anger and catapulted them down the legal pathway (in both cases), was that they were informed of their dismissals by emails. Yes, that's right by email! They were never given the courtesy of a face to face discussion.

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The Vibration Of Success

Most people, when they think of success, generally envision setting a goal and doing certain activities to achieve that goal. In other words, a series of external actions that will lead them to success. However, success does not always result directly from performing certain actions, and when it doesn't, we may be puzzled as to why we didn't achieve the goal. Did we do something wrong? Should we have taken different actions? Was the goal too far fetched?

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