10 Best Blogspot Tutorials For New Bloggers

Blogger is one of the many options available to bloggers who are looking for free blog software.Since it is free and most widely used platform in the i decided towrite my first post on blogger.

This is a list of 10 articles contating best blogspot tutorials for the newbie blogger :( Must read)

1.Backup and restore your blog

Blogger had introduced import blog and export blog, backing up and restoring your blog is very easy.

2.adding back ground color to posts

Insert bak groung color or image in each individual post using div element and specify properties with in div itself

3.Blogger ads ready template

With built in ads ready space you can select from large number of choices

4.Use google docs to make a contact me form

A tutorial on making a contact me form using google docs

5.List of search engines to submit your blog

submitting your blog to search engines ,must be the first thing tyou need to to do once you have your blog ready for the outside world.

6.changing template without lossing widgets

A step by step tutorials to chnage your tutorial without lossing widget

7.How to quickly and easily get .edu backlinks

Link building is the most important thing…for long future of the blog>this article explains about method to get easy .edu backlinks using google search.

8.ADD jquery menu bar to blogger

Add a color fading jquery menu bar for blogger,can be easily added as a gadget

9.changing background image of blogger

Ever wondered how to change background image or color of your blogger .see this tutorial

10.Season effect to your blogger

Want to give autumn effect to your blogger with falling leaves all around your blog.snow effect valentine effect(heart falling)

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5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Posting

Your blog posting will ultimately be the key to the degree of success your site experiences. Blog building is a gradual process that involves layout designing, various SEO techniques and content development. This last component, content development, is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the blog itself. Offering readers’ information that they find interesting and/or useful is what will attract them and keep them coming back. It is therefore important to maintain a certain level of quality and consistency in the content of your blog entries in order to keep readers’ satisfied.

Here are 5 simple ways in which you can make sure you maximize the benefits both you and the readers’ receive from the blog entries you post.

Use Original Content

Content development is not always a quick process but done correctly and the final results are worth the investment of time and effort. Posting your own original content is what will make your blog uniquely your own. There is nothing wrong with posting somebody else’s work on your site provided you give credit to the author. On the other hand posting your own original content gives your readers a deeper appreciation of your insight.

Say More in Fewer Words

Try to keep the length of your posts as brief as possible if the content allows it. Readers would prefer reading 250 words as opposed to 500 if they stand to gain the same benefits so keep that in mind when composing your blog entries.

If you need practice composing brief and concise messages join Twitter where they have a 140 character limitation on each message you post.

Make Your Opinions Known

Offering candid opinions and/or observations in your posts about certain topics as they may relate to your blog is something readers expect and enjoy. Do not be afraid to let your opinions be known and always ask for comments or opinions from the readers. This is a great way to stir up some ‘dust’ and get a conversation going.

Use Imagery

Using imagery not only helps to convey your thoughts but it also helps to break up the text. Reading large blocks of text on a computer screen can put a good amount of strain on the eyes. Trust me on this I know!

Take the Weekends Off

Keep you posting consistent and as frequent as possible but do not expect a lot of feedback or activity at your blog on weekends. The end of the week is normally when family activities are scheduled or perhaps people are simply ‘de-stressing’ from the week prior.

Your blog posting insofar as its quality and consistency plays a significant role in the success of your site. Blog building is a gradual process that requires amongst other things continual content development efforts for quality material for use in posting. By following the 5 suggestions we reviewed above you will ensure that both you and your readers’ will be getting the most out of any blog entries you do post.

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Automated Blogging Information

The term I happen to use to describe automated blogs and automated blogging is autoblogging. To explain this, it involves making the content and linking for your own blogs automated instead of resorting to the traditional method of writing it manually, or pasting from article sites. With the correct method mindset and tools any blog can be set on autopilot.

You can actually choose to have an automated process of writing the contents of your blog or pasting articles from certain websites. Providing a link for your blog can be done in the same manner. In order for you to be in automated blogging business you need to have the right tools and the technical know-how on the procedures involved.

Autoblog can also make it a point to make your contents appear as stylish as possible to dispel any apprehension that you might have on the look of your blog. It will no longer be necessary for you to locate the server and post your blogs manually because you can conveniently use a program to automatically perform these tasks. While you’re away and need to maintain activity of your blogs, this could prove to be very useful.

To expand your blog’s traffic exponentially, you’ll also need a language translator script installed on your autoblogs. By simply having this script, your traffic volume and earnings will manifold without you expending extra effort. An autoblog, however, is programmed to entice a couple thousand people on a monthly basis and is limited to having two methods of converting those people into customers.

Automated blogging redefines (for the better) the way we do blogging. Utilizing the contents from RSS feeds happens to be the most staple means of autoblogging. Everyone, however, uses the same feeds as anyone else, rendering this method ineffective. Most people would prefer searching viable RSS feeds through Google Blogsearch.

Forums websites and directories are utilizing the benefits of RSS (Rich Site Summary), making it a widely used technology. You can design your own autoblog if you can figure out an ingenious means of using these feeds. Your blogs’ contents can be greatly improved by sourcing out RSS feeds articles.

Thus, your blogging sites will also make it easy for you to post entries while you are away, which means that you do not have to visit that website everyday just to update it with the latest news every single day. Schedule a date of release for your pre-written articles and the software will take care of its posting.

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How To Blog- Things To Bear In Mind Before Creating Your Blog

Blogging is the latest buzzword in cyberspace attracting millions of people who are finding it easier to share their views with the rest of the world. In the initial years, blogging was seen just as a virtual diary where people shared their experiences with known as well as unknown people. Over a period of time, blogging as a concept has undergone some major changes and has become commercial in nature. Irrespective of whether you want a blog to reach out to friends or for earning some cash, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Some of these tips are as follows:

  • Create the blog on the right blogging platform

There are several blogging platforms that have become quite popular in recent times. Some of these blogging platforms are well known while the rest are not as extensively known. It is always a good idea to create the blog on a well known blogging platform that is more user friendly and frequently visited.

  • Find the subject that you want to write on

Blogging is one medium that does not restrict writers from thinking freely. There are several topics that you can write on and generate traffic to the blog. For example, the tech freaks prefer writing on new gadgets, mobile phones and appliances. Likewise, experimental cooks include new recipes for their readers. Alternately, you can have a miscellaneous blog that features content of all kinds. In fact, if you are not very keen on writing you can have a photo blog that can contain all your favorite pictures.

  • Have an open minded approach

A blogger should always be open to honest and constructive criticism. While you can moderate the comments posted at your blog, you should take the criticism positively and make sure that your blog is interesting and updated regularly.

Roland Poitevin is a dedicated writer with a passion for business and environmental issues. You can check out his new website at Island Range Hoods which helps people find the best new Range Hoods and information they are looking for relating to this subject.

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There Are Many Creative Ways To Make Extra Money

So many articles about creative ways to make extra money are being created. Perhaps it’s because of the most used line of all ages: “I don’t have enough money to pay the bills.” There are many excuses why people utter these words – it’s the economy, salary’s too low, or even because of too many responsibilities. These problems can still be taken cared of no matter what they are.

You can still avoid cutting back on your usual daily budget by looking for other means of making money. These ways don’t have to be too extravagant to start with or requires your entire 24-hours. A little bit of patience and a computer with internet connection is what you just need to get started. More and more freelance opportunities are presented over the internet today. If you have a good grasp of grammar and as well as opinions worth selling, then you might earn a few bucks for your blogs or articles. Companies who are marketing new products can pay you just to answer their surveys or they can also pay about your thoughts through blogging. These are marketing techniques for companies and extra money for you. It’s even better that going to an office to render eight hours of work since you can just opt to either stay at home, work in a coffee shop or anywhere there is internet access. The advantage about being a freelance is that you can just stay at home where you are most comfortable and earn a living at the same time. Home business information is now all over the internet.

Ebay is also something that can be your platform for extra cash. You can sell your junk for cash, but just make sure that it’s the buyer who pays for the shipping and not you. You can also opt to look for rare items from garage sales, buy them at a lower price. After that, you can sell these items online for about 100% up to 300% more on top of its original price. Aside from this, other sites might just be interested to purchase your old photographs, if you have some of them this is one of the creative ways to make extra money. You start earning when somebody starts downloading your pictures. That’s one great way to earn!

Making use of one’s talent and skills is also required in some of the home business information available. If you are an expert on certain topics, you can also tutor people. Selling cakes and pastries is also one of the great alternatives, especially if you are good at baking. This is one alternative worth venturing for.

There are a lot of things that you can do, what had been covered in this write-up are just among the many things that you can do. There are so many other creative ways to earn extra money that an individual might possibly think of. Assessing the demand of a certain commodity or material and finding the means to supply it is probably the first step in this type of venture. However, in order to ensure that you will avoid losses and have a lot to gain, you have to keep in mind of the old saying, “Do not bite off more that you can chew.” Creative ways to make extra money can start you on a more lucrative path than you are on now.

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The Good Things About Blogging For Business

Blogs can be an effective platform for your business. In fact, blogging for business is now a new trend. Blogs are easy to create and inexpensive. In fact, there are several websites that offer blogs for free such as WordPress and Blogger. A blog is also inexpensive to maintain. All you have to do is to regularly post entries related to your business—product or service information, related news, tips, tutorials, and many others. It doesn’t require any tech savvy to upload content because the instructions are user friendly and are easy to understand. Plus, your uploaded content is almost instantly published on your blog page. Therefore, if you have any important announcement regarding your business operation or any product update, rest assured that it will be immediately available to your target viewers. You can also create several blogs for each of your distinct product lines.

The following are some of the advantages of blogging for business:

It Provides A Massive Product/Service Exposure

Blogs can be easily tracked by major search engines such as Yahoo and Google as long as you regularly upload high-quality content like articles, photos, and videos. Each blog article you submit is indexed by search engines. To further increase your traffic, you can leave comments on other blogs and have your page linked to these blogs. This will contribute to the increase of your search engine ranking. Another feature that you can use is the RSS Feed, a built-in syndication feature that will enable your readers to see and gain access to your content even without actually visiting your page. Through this feature, you keep your readers updated and it would be easy for them to see whether there’s something new in the blog, at which point they can easily click on the link to be directed to your page.

It Becomes A Message Board for Your Potential and Existing Customers

A lot of people go online, so blogging enables you to reach out to a wide range of customers in various demographics. You can connect with your customers on a more personal level, from content to video. You can upload a video where you can talk to them about your product professionally to generate more trust and confidence on you and on your product or service. You can also get feedbacks from your visitors so that you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your products. This way, you can further improve them. You can also conduct polls or surveys so that you will know the preferences of your target market.

It Gives Prospects for Greater Profit

With a blog, you can gain profit minus all the expenses. Your profit will continuously increase as sales go up with very little cost on your part. Establishing a business blog will significantly reduce your advertising cost since maintaining a blog is way much cheaper than the traditional ways of advertising. And since it also reaches a wide range of internet users, the probability of attracting buyers is greater. Therefore, the prospect for greater profit is inevitable.

If you’re a business owner who is operating a relatively small enterprise or is just starting, you can take advantage of blogging for business to further increase your growth potential. To optimize your blog function, you can explore the different blog features such as plug-ins or add-ons, flash media, widgets, RSS feeds, and many others.

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What Is And How To Write Unique Content?

We frequently read and hear that “Content is King”. What is content and what type of content is king? And shall we consider that Content alone is sufficient for success. Reading some material on others website and reproducing it, is sufficient? Because content is king.

Very simple answer to this question is “No”. Though content is king but unique content is royal leader. Reproducing the content will not serve the purpose and you will not get the vote. You have competitor in your niche so why the loyal visitor will visit your website. Why they will leave the sites they are visiting from a long time. The secret is the unique content.

What is unique content?

Unique content is the material which is not produced ever. You present something totally new that was not introduced before. Your idea is unique. Such material is called unique content.

Avoid publishing the material already published or Google will penalize you. Such contents are called Duplicate content which is defined by Google;

Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or is appreciably similar. Mostly, this is not deceptive in origin.


To avoid duplication of content and to attract the traffic, create something unique that is never done before. Your idea should have features which are your creation. If your idea has 60-70% exclusivity, it shall be considered unique. Unique contents are very time consuming and require brain storming. But result is very fruitful.

Writing Unique Content:-

We have clear concept of unique content, now question is how to work on it. It is very simple. First do some research and find the idea to be worked. If you get the idea having uniqueness in feature, you have done 80% of work……..


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Add Thumbnails To Popular Posts

Sidebar of blogs is vital area which is used for ads display, affiliate marketing and displaying Recent/Popular/ Most active type of posts. In this tutorial we will show you how to show your Popular Posts along with thumbnail in sidebars. Adding graphic support to your posts in sidebar will give them more visibility, because Pictures speak thousand words.

All we need is to get two plugins from Rob Marsh, download them and install them. After installing popular post plugin you will have whole list of options to customize the plugin output.

Post Plugin Library,

Popular Posts Plugin.

Post plugin library is required for coding support of all plugins from Rob Marsh. We install popular post plugin to display our most popular post at the sidebar.

Activate the plugins and go to settingàPopular Post options. Here you will see lot of option for configuration. Configure them as per your need and click output to design the output template.

Add this code to output template,

You can further customize the output as per your requirement. Select size for thumbnail to be generated.

Note: – This is customized code to take benefit from thesis features.

Remove the code from “Text and codes before the list” and save your setting.

Now it is time to show the popular post along with thumbnail in the side bar. Go to Widgets and add Popular post widget to your desired sidebar. You have successfully activated Popular Post Plugin in sidebar.

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Imran Yousaf is Computer Science graduate and have vast experience of computer software and hardware. He has special expertise in Internet Marketing, SEO, Blogging, WordPress and Thesis customisation.

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9 Reasons To Self Host Your WordPress Blog

Majority of bloggers start blogging from free blogging service like BlogSpot or so that they can gain knowledge, information and now how of blogging. Both of options have their own set of features which are limited and in some cases, important features that make blogger life easy are missed. Removal decision of FTP support from BlogSpot is good example.

After your experimental blogging on these free services, if you are a serious blogger then you will switch to the self hosted blog.

In this article we will describe what are the benefits and advantages that are the core of Self Hosted Blog.

Own Domain Name:-

You will have your own domain name which is far better than subdomain names and you have opportunity to build your brand image. Purchasing domain name has also impact in page ranking, which we is describe in page rank section of same post. You have variety of options to select the domain name of your own choice while in BlogSpot and wordpress, this option is not available. You have to select these services name as subdomain and most of times, your desired title of is already occupied.

E-mail Address:-

Most important feature is having own domain e-mail address which you can use while communicating to others. This will make very positive image in visitors and they pay attention to e-mails having primary domain name.

FTP Account:-

When you purchase hosting plan for your domain, you will have secure and dedicated FTP account. As we described above, BlogSpot is dropping FTP feature from its service. FTP makes uploading more easy.SSL and many other features are available depending on your hosting plan.

Page Rank:-

Page rank is the most important factor of blogging. You will have higher page rank if you have your have self hosted your blog. Your purchased domain name will define its age which is taken in account by Google in PR. In future, faster servers will also play vital role in page ranking. So self hosting has an edge here over and BlogSpot, as they are shared between millions of users.


Search Engine Optimization means more and more traffic and wordpress is highly rich platform in terms of……..

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