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An Introduction To Psychometric Testing

In the past the only way an employer could judge a potential employee was by looking at their qualifications and previous work experience. Today, there is the advanced technology of psychometric testing that can determine an individual’s work habits. For a long time now this form of assessment has been regarded as a successful way of finding out if candidates are suitable for a job, finding characteristics you would be unable to establish with the traditional interview process. Hiring anyone can be risk, so here in this article we shall look at how psychometric analysis began.

At the very beginning the concept of psychometric testing was created to undertake a measurement of intelligence. Francis Galton is the main name that is associated with psychometrics having included several mental tests alongside his anthropometric measures. However the study also has connections with psychophysics.

Today psychometric testing is used to apply a measurement of personality, attitudes and beliefs, academic qualifications. Measurement of these attributions is incredibly difficult and much of the research and theories surrounding this phenomenon has had to be highly specialised. Some psychometric assessments give employees an insight, which is mainly based on self-perception on issues that would not normally be available through an interview process.

The results of the psychometric testing are available instantly to employers so they can quickly assess whether or not the candidate’s strengths and traits will be successful for the job role. Traits that can be identified are sales closing, diplomacy, patience, initiative and self confidence. There are also assessments to seek out attention skills, reaction times, memory, reasoning and intelligence. Many of these traits are suitable for particular roles and the psychometric tests can quickly and easily establish these, ideal for employers that want to hire competent staff.

There are several good companies online that are able to offer this form of testing and will be able to give advice about how they work. Alongside a traditional interview companies will find this testing a huge benefit and can feel rest assured that they have a good understanding of the individuals they are screening for employment. Designed to predict the working habits of individuals these tests can also be hugely beneficial for individuals that are also interested in their own personal development and may well find the assessments highlight their strengths and weaknesses allowing for them to develop weaknesses and assure that they are in the right role for their given strengths.

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