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5 Reasons a Brain Should Unwire for the Weekend

People worry about addiction to online activity … but there are better reasons for unwiring a day or two each week. believe it or not – it’s actually good for the brain to move offline occasionally. How so?

Here are 5 benefits to your brain – if you go unwired for the odd weekend….

1. When you put yourself in unfamiliar places – you are less likely to fall into ruts. It’s called Hebbian learning and it stifles productivity, because it literally reshapes your brain for narrow outputs that can slow you down.

2. A weekend offline will rewire dendrite brain connectors for growing new intelligences. You have at least eight distinctive intelligences of which 3 or 4 at the most are engaged while online. Take in music, attend the theater, hike, or just plain play and you’ve already activated new brain cells off screen.

3. Relate to people and places that are less tuned into online networks, and watch new synergies fly. Ideas emerge, solutions seem simpler, and a wider vision is often scoped – simply because you jumpstart hidden and unused parts of the brain.

4. See things from new angles because you are looking at your day through different windows of your mind. Believe it or not your brain waves will actually shift to facilitate different results from your online beta, alpha, theta, delta wave patterns

5. Move more than computer work allows, and that activity increases blood flow and oxygen to fuel your brain. Kick up your heals to a dance and the rhythms can induce enzymes for better moods.

Not a bad takeaway for the brain – simply by stepping away from the online screen for a weekend break.

Any other benefits do you see for the unwired brain?

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