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Showcase Your Best Creativity Here!

Author: Donna Bramhall Right now, sitting in another bohemian cafe, slouched on a well used vintage fabric sofa with an endless amount of tea, I have found myself with everyone’s life long friend – the Internet. Like most students, I am meant to be doing research for the start of university, but my little arrow man has found more blogs to suck me into. For me, there is nothing better than seeing articles, blogs and sites covered in pretty, maybe shiny things! What more could a creative minded person what to see, if they cant put their hand through a ...

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2010 Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Concept

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Concept presents SEMA Motor Show in the Synergy Camaro concept, which anticipates a new exterior color Green Synergy production to be featured in a special edition Camaro in the first half of 2010.

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What You Need to Know About Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing for Your Business

A merchant account is an arrangement by means of which a customer's credit card can be accepted and processed by a business for any purchases that are made. It is used for online and offline purchases. In an age where it is imperative to cash in on the customers' desires as quickly as possible, a merchant account allows a business to accept credit cards so as to enable the business owners to benefit from impulse purchases. Not only this, there is no need to wait for a long time to get payments as in the case of a cheque payment.

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The Yen Carry Trade: The Impact of Rising Japanese Rates

One of the most significant trades that exist today is the carry trade on the Japanese yen. A basic description of the yen carry trade is that traders borrow yen in Japan at low interest rates, convert the yen into another currency, and invest the funds at a higher interest rate. The trader then earns the interest rate spread between the two currencies, but bears the risk that the yen will appreciate before the loan is repaid.

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The Relationship Between Housing and Jobs

Most economists blame the messy bursting of the housing bubble for the Great Recession, yet it's jobs that are discussed the most on the news. So what is the relationship, if any, between jobs and housing when it comes to the future of the economic recovery? Is it one of those vicious cycles where people can't get jobs until the housing market recovers, but with a shaky job market no one is buying houses to put an end to the decline in housing? Just reading that sentence is enough to cause a headache. Recently Mint.com, a personal finance website, had a map showing the future of job growth around the country.

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How to Tell if a Niche is Too Crowded

Many people make the mistake of choosing a highly competitive niche and developing a business idea around it, only to find that the market segment is so inundated and crowded with competitors that it's virtually impossible for a new comer to make any money at all. Many new comers start off by choosing a niche that is far too broad and as a result far too crowded. If you're thinking of building a niche marketing website, a quick check using any online keyword research tool will tell you if this is the case.

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The 8-Basics Of Lean Manufacturing

In their efforts to draw closer to customers, many manufacturers have lost focus on what should be a company's primary success factor - profitable growth. In today's competitive manufacturing environment, it takes more than quick fixes, outsourcing and downsizing for companies to consistently achieve their growth and profit objectives. While these options may yield temporary financial relief, they will not lead the way to long-term growth and profitability. For companies to grow and consistently exceed bottom line expectations, they need to get lean. And, to get lean they must master the basics of lean manufacturing.

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